How to increase the efficiency of the solar power systems in Melbourne

Solar panels are creating a rage worldwide due to several benefits. Popularly known as electrical phenomenon cells, they have the potential to convert photo into energy. Hence increasing number of people are opting for solar panel installation in Victoria and in other areas for their homes. Technically speaking, these panels are made by combining several star cells made from a chemical treatment. These solar panels are installed in layers. Second biggest tip is to install oversize solar energy system for better insulation.


Tilted solar panels for your home
When you are looking for solar packages in Melbourneone of the things that should be considered is the tilt at which you get the solar panel installation done. Though it may sound a basic idea, but in reality it is essential when it comes to solar power systems Melbourne. This would make your solar panel system more productive and efficient. In simple words, the tilt is the angle at which the panels should be installed facing the sun in a proper direction. This tilt selection may vary according to your geographical location in Melbourne and the frame that is used.


The engineers at Green Engineering Solar preferhome solar power system Melbourneto be installed at a tilt even if it is done on a flat roof. Choosing this angle for your solar panels means that you get most out of your investment as there would be more efficiency and cost-effectiveness. If you see, the solar panels that are installed flat accumulate more dust and soil compared to the tilted ones. Hence, the flat panels would get hotter and have lower breathing capability thereby adversely affecting their efficiency. In addition, flat panels perform poorly in winters, as they receive less sunlight compared to the tilted ones.


Over-sized Solar Energy systems
The wholesale electricity prices in Australia have risen exponentially higher as compared to previous years. This hike affects the customers via the retailers blasting the electricity bills’ amount. Thus residents of Melbourne are encouraged to install solar packages that offer a fixed rate of consumption.


Oversized solar energy systems or panels have higher capacity of electricity generation than the inverters. After the regular use of electricity, the surplus power generated is absorbed back into the power grid that can be used at night time. In few cases, the excess power generated is more in quantity enough for consumers to sell it further to the retailers. If you increase the solar panel capacity, it improves overall efficiency of the inverter and makes up for any conversion losses.


Ending Note…
Green Engineering Solar offers diversified and customised solar packages Melbourne ideal for homes and offices. You can contact us to know more about our products and services, we would be happy to assist you.