Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Solar Panel Installation


Solar Energy is the future technology of all households. Solar installers in Melbourne provide a complete beginner’s guide to solar panel installation at your place.

With the increase in demand for renewable energy sources, you will see that people are leveraging on the use of solar power systems in Melbourne. As solar energy can be harnessed for a long period of time, opting for an appropriate solar solution in Melbourne is the key.

However, before doing the final solar panel installation, you must be aware of some important points that explain the various aspects of solar energy in detail. Let us have a look at these points that will expand your knowledge on installing the solar panels manifolds.


  1. Core components of a solar power system: A complete solar power system comprises of three main components: solar panels (monocrystalline or polycrystalline), inverter (string inverter or micro inverter) and the mounting (on which solar panels are mounted).
  2. The number of solar panels to be bought: Purchasing the solar panels depends upon your budget allowance and the space at your roof along with the allowance of the amount by your DNSP (Distributed Network Service Provider). For an ideal home, about 22-24 panels would be needed.
  3. Number of Batteries required: Right now, the cost of a battery is quite hefty and is practically out of budget for normal people. If you compare a with-battery solar panel system with a non-battery solar panel system, the non-battery system will last for about 25 years which can be a stable option for now until you see the prices of battery dropped after a few years.
  4. Compare the cost of the effective solar energy system with your set budget: An average solar power system in Melbourne consisting of tier 1 panels and a string inverter takes:
    1. 3kW: $3,500 – $5,000
    2. 5kW: $5,000 – $8,000
    3. 6kW: $5,600 – $9,000
    4. 10kW: $10,000 – $14,000

    Set your budget between these amounts to get a cost-effective system on-the-go.

  5. Know about the apt roof direction/angle: It is an essential factor to consider before installing the solar panel system in Melbourne. Choose those solar panel systems that are either east facing or west facing or even a combination of both east, west and north facing panels. Also. The ideal solar panel installation is done at an angle of 37ᵒ which the latitude of the location is.

This beginner’s guide provides every minute detail about solar panel installation in Melbourne. To get engaged in the solar installation by professionals, Green Engineering Solar is the best choice that caters to the needs of all residential and commercial clients.  Their solar power experts provide the clients with the perfect solar packages in Melbourne.