Why solar installers in Victoria and Melbourne are making a rage in the market?

Green Engineering Solar is known for its high-quality solar systems and lucrative solar packages offered to the Australians. Here are few benefits of solar panel installation.


With rising costs of non-renewable energy sources and replenishing reserves, the world is shifting the focus towards installing solar systems in their residences and commercial properties. The number of solar installers in Melbourne has also seen a remarkable increase with more and more people understanding the worth and advantages of lucrative solar packages that are offered both by private and government companies.



Green Engineering solar has been providing general as well as customised solar deals across Australia, leaving behind satisfied and happy customers. With rising costs of energy, people are going green and are increasingly attracted towards solar panel installation in Victoria. There are several advantages of these solar panels that contribute towards significant savings.


  1. The solar systems comprising of solar panel installation Victoria can be used to produce a large chunk of electricity for your home’s power consumption thus minimizing your dependency on conventional power sources. These solar panels can be installed to generate electricity for home appliances or lightning. Thus, bringing down your electricity bills and reducing your dependency on the utility company.
  2. As you would be having an alternate power source by installing solar panels, you can even negotiate with the local electricity suppliers for more favorable rates. Your home would become more energy efficient along with savings on the bills.
  3. If you install solar systems in your home, you become eligible for several Australian government induced incentives when installing renewable energy sources. This rule applies for both residential and commercial properties.
  4. On hearing the term solar panels, we imagine traditional solar panel installations mounted on the rooftop using a fixed or tracking mounting system. According to your use the installation system can be selected. For instance- if you require something with least maintenance, fixed mounting system is the best choice as it would not have any moving parts.
  5. The solar packages offered by Green Engineering Solar provide a golden chance to reduce the heating bills with the help of solar panels. It would provide affordable home heating system. The savings made on heating costs compared to the conventional electricity would offer substantial financial rewards in the long run.
  6. Though the saving on your electricity bill is indirect, there is one more financial advantage of setting up the solar panels at your home! The resale value of your home increases by at least 1-2% which is exceptional considering the property rates.
  7. Another best option is to directly connect the water heater with the solar panel array. By doing this you can take a hot shower comfortably in your home in chilling winters too without the problem of any power outage.

One things that we usually overlook while installing solar panels is the compatibility with the batteries. With a reserve battery, you can store power to utilise it when the sun is not shining.