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Solar Package 10KW 15KW 20KW 30KW
Number of solar panels 40 X 250w 60 x250W 80 x250W 120 x250w
Roof area required 18-120m2 120-160m2 160-200m2 240-300m2
Inverter included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Estimated Annual Savings
on your eletricity bill*
Save $2084-4899 Save $3126-$7348 Save $4168-9798 Save $6252-14,697
Total Price
Fully tax deductible
Talk to our consultant for detail Talk to our consultant for detail Talk to our consultant for detail Talk to our consultant for detail

*Estimated Annual Savings figure extracted from the official Clean Energy Council Consumer Guide.
**To find out if you're eligible for monthly repayments, please select an option and enquire today.
***Terms & conditions apply for finance offer.

"You are better off investing in (commercial solar) and paying the loan then banking the money. As electricity prices are rising,
solar represents a sound long-term investment." 

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increase 2014fy profits with commercial solar

Increased revenue

Now you too can enjoy increased revenue by attracting more environmentally conscious customers.


Own the building but lease it out?

Buy solar for the tenant and raise the rent for
your capital investment.

Don’t own the building?

There are many solutions that could suit you including the owner sharing the cost with you.

“Investment in renewable energy can boost your bottom line. It should broaden your client base,
too, says Ray, who believes that a “sustainability story” has a marketing angle.”


frequently asked questions

How long will the process take?

2-3 weeks.

Do I need to call my energy retailer?

You would only need to call your energy retailer after we submit your meter connection form.

Who do I call for warranty issues?

Call our customer service line on 1300 786 008 and we’ll help you.

Can I choose where I want the panels to be installed?

Our trained Government accredited installers will help you choose the most efficient location on your roof.

Do I need council permits?

Standard systems do not need council permits,however rules often change. Our trained solar experts will inform you if it’s necessary.

Who pays for a smart meter upgrade?

Although you don’t pay anything upfront, your electricity retailer has already made you pay for a smart meter upgrade by passing on these costs through higher electricity bills.

How long will the panels last?

All our solar panels have a performance warranty of 25 years.

What happens when it rains?

Solar panels don’t produce as much power during rain as there is usually less UV light.

Can I switch energy retailers once I get solar panels?


Can I install the panels myself?

Only Government accredited installers can install solar panels.

With solar systems being at the lowest price Australia has seen coupled with electricity prices constantly on the rise over and beyond CPI, it makes sense to invest in a Green Engineering commercial solar system.

If you want to lower business costs and attract more customers, enquire online or call us today on 1300 786 008 to evaluate the return on investment a commercial solar system can provide your business.

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