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Customer Testimonial

I would highly recommend Green Engineering and Quantum Electrical (installers), as they provide a first class service. During the first day of autumn, I had 31.6KWH exported to the grid. I will hopefully get a return on the $7000 I invested within a couple of years.

Rab from QLD

I was very impressed with the service Green Engineering provided. The sales person was knowledgeable, I knew how the systems worked prior to him saying anything; however I questioned him to see if he knew what he was talking about and he was very eperienced. It was a very fast turnaround, I signed for the system on Monday and it was installed on the Friday. The installers were efficient and approachable when I wanted to ask questions. I have already recommended your company to two of my friends.

Allan Parsons

Installation was extremely good. I believe that the installers were superb. I’ve been in business for a long time and we must recognize people who do a good job. The consultant was brilliant in organizing the instalation also.

Allan Parsons

My instalation was completed this morning and turned on at midday. The installation crew were very helpful, particularly in changing the configuration “on-the-day” to minimise the shadowing and to ensure access to the existing SolaHart panels/tank. The installation of cables and inverter was an extremely neat job. The work area was left neat and tidy. Well done!! Thanks

Allan Parsons

Green Engineering offered the best price of all quotes I received. After reviewing the systems being offered, Green Engineering came out on top.

Glen from VIC

Installed within a week of signing up.

Anon from SA

I Had Darren from Green Engineering (Mount Waverly Vic) visit on the weekend. He offered a 5KW system at the best price possible, installed by an A grade electrician of my choice, without any credit card surcharge. The system was installed within 2 weeks as promised, and would have been completed earlier if it wasn’t for interruptions caused by rain. The inspector was there and had passed the 5kw system, allowing the system to be connected to the grid within the same day of installation. On a clear Sunny day, the 5KW system produces almost 6hrs worth of solar power, totaling 29.9KW. THANKS VERY MUCH!!

David from VIC

Solar Panels By Green Engineering Solar Corp - 8

We also repaired the roof at the suggestion of the installer, as it would have had to be replaced in a few years at a cost greater than having the panels replaced. I don’t think other people would have been as diligent. Other installers would have just put the solar panels up anyway and left it at that.

Anon from VIC

I was offered the best solar products, at the best price and was given the courtesy of being able to make an educated decision without any pressure, as I was supplied with enough information. The engineering process was pain and hassle free from start to finish. Everything that was promised, including time frames was delivered. This tops off the list of reasons why I have no hesitation, in recommending Green Engineering to install your household’s solar panels.

Nigel Brookson

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Solar Panels By Green Engineering Solar Corp - 7

Good service, quick, and very accommodating.

Tomasz from SA on 27 August 2013

They were installed neatly and timely and were well priced at the time.

Chris from VIC

The company kept me up to date with what was happening (i.e. if the installation date and time changed, they would phone me and advise). They did it sooner than first advised so that was also a bonus.

Leanne from QLD

Green Engineering was and are very helpful in answering our queries. The installation was very professional.


We were introduced to Green Engineering in our local shopping center. The Guy who worked there was very nice and highlighted their competitive prices. So far, my experiences with Green Engineering have met my expectations.

Anon from SA

Solar Panels By Green Engineering Solar Corp - 9

We were quoted for the system, three days later the system was installed. They arrived at 9.30am and were finished by 2.00pm. We’re very happy with the company.


Thomas from Green Engineering was honest and the most knowledgeable person I had ever spoken to.


Salesman was very helpful and patient with all our questions. The installer was very experienced, and did a very tidy job. We were held up because of the weather, but he kept us informed of what was going on.

System is working efficiently up to date (about 2 months old).

So far, very happy with it.

Geoff from NSW

Solar Panels Installation - Green Engineering Solar Corp 10

We had the system installed within 7 days of paying our deposit.

John from VIC

Recommendation from a satisfied customer and prompt response to initial enquiry. None of the companies recommended by Solarquotes bothered to contact me until, well, after the system had been installed. Until now, only one of these has made contact.

Max from QLD

Whilst there was a slight delay in install time due to shortage of stock, they kept me informed. The sales consultant was very helpful and the installer was also very good. The installation went smoothly and looks neat and tidy. I would be happy to recommend Green Engineering for your Solar System.


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